Beloved Cafe is a place where culture and community happens. People come here not just to nourish their bodies, but to nourish their hearts. It’s about the connection we have to one-another, and the connection we have to place, and to food. We recognize that everything has a story, every object, every furnishing, every tea, every fruit. It came from somewhere and there were many hands and forces that brought it into existence and to this place. We like to think that those stories come alive here. That through those stories we find connection and communion.​

Beloved Cafe Front Enterance
Beloved Cafe Front Door
Beloved Cafe Window Seat

We're located at 3338 24th Street, San Francisco

Across from 24th Street Mission BART

We Love to Give Back!

Beloved Cafe donates to organizations that aim to create economic justice, access to life changing medical procedures, and life-saving devices, as well as protection of sea life and to organizations that promote free facilities and instruction for meditation.